Enter the MST Weekly Challenge!

The First Weekly MST challenge…
Time to break out your writing skills!

Review a recent meal at Market Street Tavern using only one sentence with as many “S” words as you can muster! The English Teachers in our lives call it “Alliteration”. 🙂

The best sentence with the most intriguing, humorous, clever or otherwise compelling alliterative composition will receive a free Appetizer with their next meal! (Dine in only)Alliteration.
al·lit·er·a·tion [uh-lit-uh-rey-shuhn] noun

1. the commencement of two or more stressed syllables of a word group either with the same consonant sound or sound group (consonantal alliteration), as in from stem to stern, or with a vowel sound that may differ from syllable to syllable (vocalic alliteration), as in each to all. Compare consonance ( def. 4a ) .

2.the commencement of two or more words of a word group with the same letter, as in apt alliteration’s artful aid.

She sells sea shells by the seashore.
Jim’s just about to jump into Jennifer’s Japanese garden.

Good Luck!
Winner will be announced next week.


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