Market Street Tavern’s Specials

Many of you have been asking, “Are you still going to do the weekly specials?” and “Are you going to have live music?”

Well, the short answer is “Not just yet”. But we’re working on it.

Now, we know that’s a bit vague, so let us explain…
We’re still in the process of moving in and setting up. We have some kinks to work out and some minor construction/decoration issues to overcome, but we’re well on our way. For instance, we have to work out the acoustics of the building so it doesn’t get so noisy when it’s crowded. (An echoing restaurant doesn’t provide a good environment for live music.) We’re looking at doing some small-set acoustic sets (guitar and vocals, mostly), possibly starting with bringing back Ben Friberg’s jazz trio — but we have to get our sound issues ironed out first. Another hurdle we have to overcome with bringing back specials is the fact that in our old location, we didn’t get much of a crowd on those nights we ran specials. And, as any good business person knows, you have to have a demand in order to pay for your supply. The few people who came to Wing Night, Taco Night, etc. enjoyed themselves, but there simply wasn’t enough business coming in to make it profitable. The third, and most important, piece of the “specials” puzzle is that we need to get the restaurant running properly before we can begin mixing things up. We still have some organization to do in the kitchen, continued training of our awesome staff on our new computers, and some tweaking of our menu items to make sure they taste right and are priced right. Basically, we need to make sure our “foundation” is set and strong before we venture out into the world of promotions. But, don’t worry… we’ll have something great for you soon.

In the meantime, come in and check out the new place. Try out some of our new menu items, have a beer or one of our specialty cocktails and reintroduce yourself to what a tavern should be. 🙂

See ya soon!



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